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Fawkes Cycles is an independent retailer based in Oldham, UK. - With more than 30 years of experience in the cycle industry, we realise how important it is to move with the times and so in 2009 we launched our website Fawkes-Cycles.co.uk and began developing our friendly and personal service online. Our website offers all types of cycling parts and accessories, clothing and footwear from many of the sports leading brands - all with fast mainland UK delivery, and the option to ship worldwide.

To underpin this we have a dedicated mail-order infrastructure to make your purchase and delivery as simple and straightforward as possible, and dedicated customer service staff to make sure there is someone here to help who is only a phone call away.

Our Warehouse

As a mail-order business we don't have a shop you can visit and all purchases must be made on line.

Our main warehouse is located centrally and is an ideal location for quick delivery throughout the UK, and we offer a wide range of delivery and collection options to suit everyone - all just a click away.

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    Mens Tights, Bib Tights and Bib Shorts for Cycling

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    Funkier Gerona Pro Winter Thermal Waterproof Tights http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/prowinterthermaltpuwaterprooftightsblack.jpg

    Funkier Gerona Pro Winter Thermal Tight with Waterproof Front Panels

    Funkier B-392-C4 Pro Winter Thermal TPU Waterproof Bib Tights in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/prowinterthermaltpuwaterproofbibtightsblack.jpg

    Funkier B-392-C4 Pro Winter Thermal TPU Waterproof Bib Tights in Black


    Altura Cruisers in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al34crub.jpg

    Altura Cruisers in Black

    Highly versatile mid-weight cycling tight.

    Santini Mens TRE Skinsuit http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/menstretriathlonskinsuitblackwhitegreen.png

    Santini Mens TRE Triathlon Skinsuit in Black White and Green

    Santini Freedom Max2 Bib Tights in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/freedommax2bibtightsblack.png

    Santini Freedom Max2 Bib Tights in Black

    Santini BCool Mig3 Pad Bib Short in Black and Yellow http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/mig3bibshortyellow.png

    Santini BCool Mig3 Pad Bib Short Yellow 

    Altura Night Vision Pro Gel Bib Shorts in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/nightvisionprogelbibshortsblack.png

    High visibility performance Night Vision Progel bib shorts designed for day and night road visibility and ultimate riding comfort.

    Lusso Thermal Roubaix Tights with Pad http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/RALEIGH/LUS1002.jpg

    Roubaix fabric is designed to both keep you warm and wick away moisture to keep you dry

    Giro Chrono Sport Bib Short in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/ZYRO/GI31CSB.jpg

    Giro Chrono Sport Bib Short in Black

    Altura Raceline Windproof Bib - Black without insert http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/ZYRO/AL35RAWB.jpg

    An all new bib tight featuring a multi-panel pre shaper design which has been sculpted to fir in the riding position.

    Altura Shield Bib Shorts in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/zyro/al31shi.jpg

    Altura Shield Bib Shorts in Black

    This is the answer to our changeable climate; bib shorts with a fully waterproof seat panel.

    Altura Night Vision Bib Tights http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al35nvibm.jpg

    Night Vision bib tights provide the fantastic combination of a great unrestrictive fit and Night Vision hi-vis reflective trim, making them a must for winter riding.

    Funkier Active 17 Panel Bib Shorts in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p55c85113972347.62669791.jpg

    Funkier 17 panels Bib Shorts, 80% polyamide, 20% spandex with Lycra fabric technology

    Altura Peloton II Progel Black Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/zyro/al31pel.jpg

    Altura Peloton 2 Progel Black Bibshorts Altura's most popular bib shorts with a multi-density ProGel™ 3D pad delivering ultimate comfort in the saddle, keeping you riding longer.

    Altura Cadence 2 Waist Shorts - Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al30ca2blk.jpg

    Altura Cadence 2 Waist Shorts - Black.

    Alpinestars Marathon Bib Shorts Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/ap31marblk.jpg

    A lightweight bib short body-mapped for intensive usage, the Vetta features four-way stretch fabric for comfort and performance fit.

    Alpinestars Vetta Bib Shorts Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/ap31vetblk.jpg

    A lightweight bib short body-mapped for intensive usage, the Vetta features integrated chamois padding for lasting comfort.

    Altura Progel 2 Undershorts - Graphite http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al29pr2gra.jpg

    Altura Progel 2 Undershorts - Graphite.

    Lusso Roubaix Bib Tights http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/prod110207_black_ne_01.jpg

    Lusso Super Roubaix Bib Tights

    Altura Peloton Pro Gel 3/4 Bib Tights http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al33pro4.png

    Our most popular tight with Altura Therosuede fabrics and multi density ProGel pad delivering ultimate comfort in the saddle - keeping you riding longer.

    Vermarc Colora PRR LD Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/vcs500l.jpg

    Vermarc Colora Long Distance Bib Shorts for men. A racing fit short with compression properties for added performance.

    Altura Podium Progel Bib Short in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al31podb.jpg

    Altura Podium Progel Bib Short in Black. A highly developed insert and multi-panel fit for locked in, performance road riding.

    Altura Podium Elite Bib Short http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/zyro/al31poe.jpg

    Altura Podium Elite Bib Short in Black. Performance delivered in a competition bib short using premium European fabrics, an Altura Pro 3D pad and 3D ErgoFit™ patterning for superior ride comfort.

    Altura Sportive Bib Short in Black/Yellow http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al31spob.jpg

    Altura Sportive Bib Short in Black/Hi-viz yellow. Our most popular bib short with a multi-density Berenis engineered pad delivering comfort in the saddle, keeping you riding longer.

    Altura Sportive Bib Short in Black/Blue http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al31spo1.jpg No Description Available
    Altura Sportive Bib Short in Black/Red http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/al31spo5.jpg

    Altura Sportive Bib Short in Black/Red. Our most popular bib short with a multi-density Berenis engineered pad delivering comfort in the saddle, keeping you riding longer.

    Santini Giro d Italia 2016 Maglia Nero Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/0119c2b55eb448b3c7147b268ee4d75a569a28cc-cas2471z.jpg

    Santini Giro d'Italia 2016 Maglia Nero Line Nat Pad Bib Short, Black mesh braces, Raw Edge print gripper

    Santini Australian National Team 16 Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2525z.jpg

    Santini Australian National Team 16 Bib Shorts, MAX2 padding, white mesh braces.


    Santini Team Original Lotto Jumbo 16 Sleek Aero Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2501z.jpg

    Team Original as worn by Lotto Jumbo. SLEEK+ Aero bibshorts w/white mesh braces, C3 padding, Elasticated lycra bands at the bottom.

    Santini Lotto Jumbo 16 Bib Shorts Max 2 Pad http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2503z.jpg

    Santini Lotto Jumbo 16 Bib Shorts Max 2 Pad, white mesh braces.


    Santini de Rosa 16 Bib Shorts Max 2 Pad http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2508z.jpg

    Santini de Rosa 16 Bib Shorts, MAX2 padding, white mesh braces..http://www.teamderosasantini.it/

    Santini Giro DItalia 2016 Stage 14 Dolomiti Bib Short http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/9dc41d485fbd6c36c744f71370eabdb85a3130cf-cas2481z.jpg

    Santini Giro d'Italia 2016 Stage 14 Dolomiti  Bibshorts with black mesh braces,  GIT EVO pad.  Raw edge printed leg gripper.  


    Santini Giro dItalia 2016 Stage 19 Colle dell Agnello Bib Short http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/9e0e9b731067629203f62dfa01e0c18b78d3cdf0-cas2484z.jpg

    Santini Giro d'Italia 2016 Stage 19 Colle dell'Agnello Bibshorts with black mesh braces, GIT EVO pad. Raw edge printed leg gripper. 


    Santini GCN Classic Bib Short in Black http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2424z.jpg

    Get the GCN look with the GCN classic Merchandise bib-shorts. Made of Thunderbike Lycra fabric and cut anatomically for a comfortable ride. 

    Santini GCN Team Sleek Aero Bib Short in Grey/Red http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/cas2420.jpg

    Anatomical design ensures the GCN Sleek bib-shorts adapt to your body and replicate your actions "The Sleek effect" . The bib-shorts feature breathable mesh braces and the innovative NAT chamois.

    Santini Ducati Classic Bib Short with GIT Pad http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/b40d67c1c0f13aeb5c9f00ec8fa18425735a1d50-cas2433z.jpg

    Get the DUCATI look with the DUCATI classic Merchandise bib-shorts. Made of Thunderbike Lycra fabric and cut anatomically for a comfortable ride.

    Lusso Carbon Bibshorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/carbonbib.jpg

    These bib shorts feature the latest Resistex Carbon Fabric which speeds up the evaporation of perspiration, keeping you cooler, lowering lactic acid build up which improves circulation.

    Lusso Pro Gel Bibshorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/raleigh/lus150.jpg

    This versatile bibshort is great for long days out, training and racing thanks to the Pro Gel insert and high wicking fabric.

    Lusso 2-Zero Thermal Bib Shorts http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/raleigh/lus1001.jpg

    Lusso 2-Zero Bib Shorts; 10 panel design bibshorts featuring roubaix fabric to the shorts and straps, features carbon leg grippers with silicone and comes complete with Lusso's mid-long distance seamless pad.

    Assos T.Neopro S7 Bib Short http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/assos_neoprobib2.jpg

    Our new entry-level shorts are attractively priced and feature a regular, all-around fit.

    Assos T.Equipe S7 Bib Short http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/asstequipbibshort2.jpg

    T.Equipe_S7 is our racingfit proposition.

    Assos T.Cento S7 Bib Short Medium http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/asstcentoshort.jpg

    Asso T.Cento represents a new breed of short, they are our high performance, ultra-long-distance shorts.

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