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Fawkes Cycles is an independent retailer based in Oldham, UK. - With more than 30 years of experience in the cycle industry, we realise how important it is to move with the times and so in 2009 we launched our website Fawkes-Cycles.co.uk and began developing our friendly and personal service online. Our website offers all types of cycling parts and accessories, clothing and footwear from many of the sports leading brands - all with fast mainland UK delivery, and the option to ship worldwide.

To underpin this we have a dedicated mail-order infrastructure to make your purchase and delivery as simple and straightforward as possible, and dedicated customer service staff to make sure there is someone here to help who is only a phone call away.

Our Warehouse

As a primarily mail-order business we don't have a traditional shop you can visit and all purchases must be made on line.

Our main warehouse is located centrally and is an ideal location for quick delivery throughout the UK, and we offer a wide range of delivery and collection options to suit everyone - all just a click away.

2 Hill Street Oldham OL4 2AG
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    Exercise equipment

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    XQ Max Push Up Bar - Pair - Black http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/koo570050.jpg

    Ideal for comfortable push-ups because you are now further away from the ground, you can lower the push-downs further, so the difficulty level can be increased a lot

    XQ Max Gym Ball with Pump - Green - 65CM http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/koo950120a.jpg

    Exercise Ball for home exercising, gym workouts, yoga and pilates. Perfect for improving your balance, stability, core and abs. Burst resistant, dense rubber walls offering superb support and control.

    XQ Max Jumping Rope with Counter http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/koo910070a.jpg

    Jumping rope is a simple yet effective workout that keeps you fit so that you can perform better in other physical activities.

    Pure2Improve Jumping Rope with Bearings - Black/Red http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i230020.jpg

    Pure2Improve Jumping rope with bearings. Jumping rope is a simple yet effective workout that keeps you fit so that you can perform better in other physical activities.

    Pure2Improve Balance Board - Anti Slip http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i230010_h_2.jpg

    This P2I balance board is a complete fitness studio of its own. Designed to make balance training fun and affordable to all, it promises fantastic results:

    Pure2Improve Agility Ladder - Black/White http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/agility-ladder.png

    The Pure2Improve Agility Ladder is an ideal training aid to improve coordination, reaction & speed. Used by top athletes and teams worldwide to improve footwork.

    Pure2Improve Unisex Speed Jump Rope, Red/Black http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i200350_h_2.jpg

    P2I Speedrope. Great for indoors and outdoors, for CrossFit, exercise, gym, boxing, weight loss, muscle building. The skipping rope has a 2.85cm cable rope. Suitable for both adults and kids.

    Pure2Improve Resistance Bands set of 3. http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/small-resistance-bands.png

    Pure2Improve Resistance Bands are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body.

    Pure2Improve Swimchute 1.8m http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i200210_v.jpg

    The Pure2Improve Swim Chute is designed for long swim resistance training, the Drag Belt/Tow Tether increases endurance and strength in all swimmers.

    Pure2Improve Weighted Jump Rope - With 3 Removable Ropes http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i200510_h_2.jpg

    Pure2Improve Weighted Jumprope, with 3 removable ropes. 2,85cm; yellow 2,5mm 66gram / red 3,5mm 120gram / black 4,5mm 200gr. Black grips with Pure logo

    Pure2Improve Portable Golf Practice Net http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/practice-net.png

    Portable net for all kinds of golf practice. Produced of the strongest fiberglass which doesn't let the balls leave the net. Comes fully assembled and can be set up in minutes. Takes a relatively small space for training indoors. 

    Pure2Improve Golf Putting Mat 5.0. http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i400020.jpg

    This perfect roll out mat will improve your feel, alignment and consistency in any putting scenario and will be great for fun competitions and games with friends and family.

    Pure 2 Improve Unisex Speed Chute, Black/Red/Grey http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/speedchute.png

    The Pure2Improve Speedchute provides resistance in the initial part of the run. During running the Speedchute releases to initiate the overspeed phase.

    Pure2Improve Golf Putting Mat 3.0. http://https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/https://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/p2i400010.jpg

    This perfect roll out mat will improve your feel, alignment and consistency in any putting scenario and will be great for fun competitions and games with friends and family.

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